For the Indian Man

In case you didn’t know, that’s our target demographic.

Indian men are a simple species. We love sports. It’s in our blood. It’s the air we breathe and we are constantly gasping for more.

Unfortunately, the sports coverage we have in this country, is far below satisfactory. It’s shit. Everyone does the same thing. The big news sources, all have the same shitty stories on their websites. Absolutely identical. You can only ever read one of them and doing even that is a fucking ordeal. All they do is parrot the statements and facts given to them. Sometimes it takes them 4 sentences to say something, sometimes 7000 words.

The problem is, they haven’t evolved. They are newspapers who have squirmed into the online content space, still with their newspaper mentality.

And those sports talk shows and analysts, a bunch of has-beens who run out of new things to say real fast. They may have insights unknown to the common man, but they lack the spirit of the fans. Not to mention all the restrictions imposed on what they say, by the very nature of being on a national platform.

Fuck that. Indian sports fans deserve better.

Watching the game is cool, but sports get really great when you start talking about the shit you watched with your friends.

Why do they suck? Who’s better than who. Who’s getting traded. How much did he sign for? Who is he dating?

When the debate gets heated and the arguments get personal, those moments are immortal. Its more than the game. It’s the ecosystem around it that we’re attached to. That sports talk you have with your boys, that’s what we want to be.

Don’t expect us to break the news and bring you the latest updates. There are a thousand other websites that do that better than we ever could. Instead, come to for our takes and opinions on the latest updates. We live in a country where everything is taken too seriously. It’s about time someone changed that.

Expect to be entertained. Expect to laugh. Expect to think. Expect the truth. Expect controversy.

We want to embody the voice of the Indian Man, the sports fan.

Rating: 5 out of 5.